Article 8
Competences and aid application procedures

The Inspection Bodies of EOMMEX shall have au-thority to inspect investments and/or equipment leas-ing programs which have been made eligible for grant and/or interest or leasing subsidy, by virtue of decision of the President of EOMMEX and over which EOMMEX has authority to monitor and inspect.
e. Inspection Bodies herein shall be set up each time, by virtue of decision of the competent authority or in the case of Regional Inspection Bodies by virtue of decision of the Secretary General of the Regional Authority, not to be published in the Government Ga-zette, by officers of the competent ministries and ser-vices, bank representatives, representatives of the lo-cal or prefectural local authorities and/or chartered auditors or evaluators. The number of inspection bod-ies to be set up each time shall depend on the needs for complete and fast inspections.
f. Members of the inspection bodies as well as bod-ies charged with the disbursement of grants shall be subject to the provisions of articles 6 and subsequent ones on the submission of a statement on their finan-cial position under Law 2429/1996.
22. Deduction of 4 on paid grants and subsidies, for the payment of compensations to advisory commit-tees and inspection bodies.
a. A part equal to 4 of the amounts paid under Laws 1116/1981, 1262/1982, 1682/1987, 1892/1990 and these presents as investment grants and subsi-dies, in general, shall be deducted by the competent disbursement services, as from January 1st, 1998, to cover expenses for any compensations of advisory committees and Central and Regional inspection bod-ies, including compensations of rapporteurs, secretar-ies and alternate assistant secretaries, stipulated in the aforementioned laws.
To this end, a special task shall be entered in the Public Investments Programme, assigned a credit equal to 4 of the credits allocated yearly in the Pub-lic Investments budget for the purpose of investment grants and subsidies, in general, according to the above laws. Such deduction shall be effected upon disbursement of Public grant or subsidy instalments.
b. Compensations of chairpersons, members, rap-porteurs, secretaries and alternate assistant secretar-ies of advisory committees, as well as of members of inspection bodies, excluding those of EOMMEX, shall be as follows:
(i) chairpersons, members, secretaries and alternate assistant secretaries of advisory committees: Drs. 15,000 per session;
(ii) members of inspection bodies: Drs. 15,000 per inspection;
(iii) rapporteurs of advisory committees: up to Drs. 20,000 per recommendation, as stipulated by joint de-cision of the Ministers of National Economy and Fi-nance.
The above amounts may be readjusted by joint de-cision of the Ministers of National Economy and Fi-nance.
Such compensations are paid in addition to per diem and travel expenses, according to effective provisions.
Members of the inspection bodies, who are not pub-lic servants, shall be paid a per diem and travel ex-penses equivalent to those paid to public servants of rank A' and 1st salary bracket. In the case of char-tered auditors or evaluators and members of inspec-tion bodies, who shall provably not receive payment during inspection procedures by the organisation where they are regularly employed, added to the their compensation shall be an amount equal to the product of the number of inspection days by the 3/44 of the basic pay of civil servants of 1st salary bracket.
c. Members of experts work group under sub-instance (f) of para. 19 above, are remunerated ac-cording to the provisions of article 19 of Law 2470/1997.
23. Price verification
For the purpose of price verification, competent de-partments and advisory committees may check data on the value of machinery and equipment during the evaluation procedure, as well as at subsequent stages, or even after the completion of the equipment leasing program or business plan. Competent depart-ments or advisory committees may ask the investor, the supplier or third parties to provide them with addi-tional data and information documenting the value, for the purpose of the verification. To verify the cost of other investment fixed assets, competent departments and advisory committees may use all kinds of evi-dence, such as costing norms for building and other construction works from the Technical Chamber of Greece, taking account of the nature and the type of the particular building construction. Should it be es-tablished in any way, that the investment cost has been overcharged by the investor, the application seeking eligibility shall be rejected or the approval re-voked and any grant paid shall be returned.


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