Article 6
Terms, conditions and restrictions concerning the provision of aids

(e) Undertakings benefited from tax allowance must keep additional books, stipulated by the joint decision under para. 24 of article 8.
(f) After the completion of the investment, the under-taking must submit an application to the competent Public Revenue Department seeking audit of the im-plemented productive investment. Along with the ap-plication, a statement recording in detail all expendi-tures concerning the investment, as well as data on the relevant taxation documents issued, shall also be submitted.
The above supporting documents shall be submitted within the deadlines for the submission of income tax returns, set by the provisions of articles 62, 64 and 107 of Law 2238/1994, accordingly.
After the submission of the above supporting docu-ments and no later than the end of the same financial year, the Head of the Public Revenue Department must proceed to the audit of the implemented invest-ments.
The competent auditors of the Public Revenue De-partments must monitor the soundness and timeliness of the audits carried out. The provisions for this case shall be applicable accordingly to productive invest-ments through leasing.
(g) For the application of tax allowance to the acqui-sition of the right to use equipment through leasing, the stipulations under instances (a), (b) and (c) of para. 11 herein shall be applied accordingly.
28. Terms, conditions and restrictions on the appli-cation of grant to business plans of manufacturing, mining and software development undertakings under sub-instance (xv) of instances (a) and (e), and under sub-instance (xii) of instance (g) of para. 1, article 3.
The grant shall be provided for business plans or part thereof amounting to five (5) billion drachmas in the case of manufacturing and mining undertakings and up to two (2) billion drachmas in the case of soft-ware development undertakings.
29. The decision on the eligibility for the aids herein specifies the terms and conditions of own participa-tion, as well as all general and special terms deemed necessary by the competent Advisory Committee.
In case of failure to conform with the terms, condi-tions and restrictions of these presents or the decision on eligibility, the latter shall be revoked, following the opinion of the competent Advisory Committee, and any partially or wholly paid instalments of the grant and interest subsidy or leasing subsidy shall be re-turned, increased by the amount of legal interest from the date of each payment. The relevant payment re-ceipts of the grant, interest subsidy and leasing sub-sidy by the State, are instruments proving the debt to the Public Revenue Department, to which a payment statement shall be sent (prepared according to articles 55 and 56 of the P.D. 16/1989) by the certifying au-thority. For the collection of such debts to the State, applicable shall be the stipulations on the public reve-nue collection.
Provisions under this paragraph are also applicable in case of omissions during the execution of the ap-proved project, as well as in case of submitting false or deceitful data to the service or concealment thereof, the knowledge of which would have led to the exclusion of the investment or program or business plan from the benefits of these presents or made it eli-gible on terms different from those stipulated in the decision on eligibility.
30. Terms, conditions and restrictions on invest-ments abroad.
Decisions under para. 2 of article 4 equally specify the maximum aided amount of investments abroad, under para. 2, article 3. Based on the same decisions, certain sectors or industries of the economic activity may be excluded from the aids herein.
31. Obligation of submitting biannual progress re-ports.
Undertakings whose investments and/or equipment leasing programs have been made eligible for the grant and interest subsidy of these presents, shall be obliged to submit to the service having issued their eli-gibility act biannual progress reports on their projects, the content of which is set by virtue of decision of the Minister of National Economy or Development, accordingly, from the issue of the eligibility act until completion and commencement of productive opera-tion. Such reports shall be submitted in January and July every year. The competent department may ask of the undertaking to produce additional data on the progress of the project, if expedient.
32. Any essential terms, conditions or restrictions on or deviations from the provisions for aids under these presents, imposed by the European Union on the pro-vision of national aids in certain sectors or investment categories, shall be defined by virtue of decision of the Minister of National Economy.
Similar decisions may specify any different or addi-tional procedures and supporting documents for the submission and review of investments or equipment leasing programs or business plans and in general the application of aids herein; they may equally exclude certain sectors or industries or categories of activities or investments and/or equipment leasing programs or business plans from the aids herein, due to estab-lishment or enactment of relevant terms and restric-tions by the European Union.


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