Article 6
Terms, conditions and restrictions concerning the provision of aids

(iii) be received for the implementation of the in-vestment or business plan, as this will explicitly ensue from the relevant loan contract, and
(iv) be approved by the financing bank or the financ-ing organisation, upon submission of the application seeking eligibility for the provisions of these presents. The relevant loan approval document should mention the loan terms and specifically its amount, its term, the interest rate, the period of grace and the collateral, and should be included in the submitted file of the ap-plication seeking eligibility.
In order for banks to grant the required investment loans, apart from their own criteria, account shall also be taken of the development criteria, as specified in article 7 and the relevant decisions of the Minister of National Economy and/or the Minister of Develop-ment.
The investment loan may also be denominated in foreign currency.
(b) In case the implemented amount of the invest-ment or business plan is higher than the aided one, any additional loan used for the implementation of this additional amount, should also meet the conditions under instance (a) above, even though no interest subsidy shall be provided.
(c) Especially in the case of business plans, the in-vestment loan, as determined in this paragraph, con-cerns also the part of the plan pertaining to invest-ments in fixed assets. The provisions specified in this paragraph on investment loans shall not apply to the other part of the plan concerning operating and rele-vant expenditures or expenses. This part shall be im-plemented simply with the payment by the undertak-ing of such expenditure and expenses, as well as the payment of the grant.
10. Terms, conditions and restrictions on the inter-est subsidy.
(a) The investment loan interest shall be subsidised for a period of six (6) years from the first loan instal-ment drawdown.
Especially for the particularly important investments of manufacturing, mining and tourist undertakings, in excess of twenty-five billion (25,000,000,000) drach-mas under article 10, as well as investments of the undertakings coming under the special aid statuses of the same article, the term of investment loan interest subsidy shall be set by virtue of joint ministerial deci-sion of para. 3, article 10, issued each time, or the presidential decree issued each time, for the an-nouncement of the special aid status, of para. 1 of the same article, respectively.
(b) In the event the investment loan interest during the period of grace is capitalised, the interest subsidy shall be payable directly to the lending bank for a re-duction in the loan ensuing from such capitalisation.
(c) For the calculation of the investment loan for which an interest subsidy shall be provided, any non aided investment expenditures, based on these pre-sents, shall not be taken into account.
(d) Interest of investment loans denominated in for-eign currency, shall be subsidised in drachmas. In such cases, for the calculation of the interest subsidy, account shall be taken of the exchange rate on the date the loan is converted into drachmas, while in case the loan is converted into drachmas in parts, ac-count shall be taken of the exchange rate average of all conversions into drachmas.
(e) Interest subsidy shall be provided on condition that the interest or interest rate are not subsidised by another source. The same applies with regard to in-vestment loans of craft industry or farming undertak-ings subsidised through debiting of the joint account of Law 128/1975, in accordance with the relevant minis-terial decisions.
(f) Interest subsidy in case of eligibility of invest-ments for a grant and interest subsidy shall be paid af-ter the issue of the decision on completion of the in-vestment, and the decision certifying the commence-ment of its productive operation, and provided that the terms of the decision on eligibility shall be adhered to.
Interest subsidy in case of eligibility of investments for tax allowance and interest subsidy shall be paid, provided that the competent bank has certified the completion of the investment and the commencement of the productive operation, as specified in para. 24, article 8. In case the bank performs an audit, the rele-vant bank audit report must be produced by the inves-tor to the competent Disbursement Department.
(g) The interest subsidy amount received by the un-dertaking, shall reduce the amount of interest due, deducted from the undertaking's gross revenue in or-der to calculate the taxable net profits.
(h) Especially for the implementation of interest subsidy, in case of eligibility of investments for tax allowance and interest subsidy, apart from the above conditions, the subsidised investment loan may not exceed 70% of the total cost of the eligible invest-ment's expenditures, aided by this law. In case the fi-nal cost of the implemented investment is higher than the eligible one by at least 15%, the subsidised in-vestment loan may not exceed 70% of the amount of the eligible investment, increased by 15%, on condi-tion that the total investment loan received for the im-plemented investment shall not exceed 70% thereof.


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