Article 4
Division of Greece - other areas eligible for the enforcement of aids

1. For the enforcement of the provisions of this law, Greece shall be divided into four (4) areas, as follows:
AREA D: It includes the departments of Xanthi, Ro-dopi and Evros, the ETBA Industrial Estates of the Epirus region, the islands of Greece with a population up to 3,100 inhabitants, according to the 1991 census, the islands of the North Aegean region, the island of Thassos, the Department of the Dodecanese, except the area specified in the Ministerial Decision of the general urban plan of the town of Rhodes and the bor-der zone of continental Greece at a distance of 20 km from the border, within which Municipalities and Communities are included, whose administrative boundaries are intersected by this zone.
AREA C: It includes Regions or departments of Greece presenting grave problems of unemployment and reduction in the active population, except the de-partments of Attica and Thessaloniki and the depart-ments or parts thereof included in Area D. By virtue of joint decision of the Ministers of National Economy, Development, and Labour, which is issued every two years and may not by amended within this time pe-riod, regions and departments of the country are specified, where:
a. the average rate of unemployment based on the statistical data available each time by the National Statistics Service of Greece, for the time period of the previous four years, exceeds the average unemploy-ment rate for the entire country during that period, by at least one percent.
b. the country's active population appears reduced.
This area also includes the Lavreotiki Zone of the Attica Department, as defined by virtue of joint deci-sion of the Ministers of Environment, Physical Plan-ning and Public Works, National Economy, and Inte-rior, no. 37349/5.11.1991 (Government Gazette 950B).
AREA B: It includes the ETBA Industrial Estate, the province of Langadas, and the part of the Department of Thessaloniki situated west of the River Axios, the province of Trizinia of the Attica Department, as well as the regions, departments or parts of departments of Greece that are not included in areas D, C, and A.
AREA A: It includes the departments of Attica and Thessaloniki, except those parts thereof included in the other areas.
2. The decisions of the Minister of National Econ-omy, which remain in effect for two (2) years from their date of issue, specify the countries and specific areas thereof, to which the provision of para. 2, article 3 shall apply, according to which grants can be pro-vided to certain investment categories implemented in these countries and specific areas thereof.

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