Article 3
Eligible business activities - aided expenditures

1. The following business activity categories shall be eligible for the grant status of this law, for invest-ments and other expenditures, as specified in each activity category:
a. Manufacturing undertakings exercising activities included in article 15 of this law.

Aided expenditures:

i. The construction, expansion and modernisation of industrial plants, special and auxiliary building facili-ties, as well as expenditures for the landscaping of the surrounding area.
ii. The construction of new storage or cold storage areas, areas for the drying and preservation of prod-ucts.
iii. The purchase of completed or semi-completed industrial or craft industry building facilities which have remained idle and not used for at least two years prior to the submission of the application seeking eli-gibility for the provisions of these presents.
iv. The purchase of craft industry areas in standard-ised craft industry buildings located in industrial es-tates (Industrial Estates, Industrial and Business Es-tates and Craft Industry Parks) and technopolises and technology parks.
v. The purchase and installation of new modern ma-chinery and other equipment. The payments under the lease of new modern machinery and other equipment.
vi. The purchase and installation of new systems for the process automation and computerisation, includ-ing the expenditure for the purchase of the necessary software and for staff training at the installation stage.
vii. Expenditures for studies concerning the intro-duction, development and implementation of modern technology, know-how, modern methods and indus-trial designs of manufactured products.
viii. Expenditures for dismantling, transportation and re-assembly of the existing equipment, with reference to undertakings relocating for environmental reasons, provided that they shall be relocated to Industrial Es-tates of the Hellenic Industrial Development Bank (ETBA), other Industrial Estates, Industrial and Busi-ness Estates, Craft Industry Parks and Industrial Parks.
ix. The purchase of new means of transportation for the handling of materials and products within the greater plant area. The purchase of new means of transportation for the mass transportation of person-nel. The purchase and installation of modern equip-ment and the construction of facilities for the handling of materials and products.
x. The purchase of new refrigerator trucks.
xi. The construction of new workers' homes, nurser-ies, buildings or installations, as well as the purchase and installation of equipment intended for the housing, recreation or catering of the undertaking's employees, as well as staff training rooms, provided that they shall be constructed in the area where the undertaking is located.
xii. Expenditures for investments concerning the protection of the environment, the restriction of ground, underground, water and air pollution, the res-toration of the natural environment and water recy-cling.
xiii. Expenditures for investments concerning the utilisation of renewable sources of energy, substitution of gas fuels for liquid fuels or electricity, treated refuse from domestic industries, renewable sources of en-ergy, recovery of lost heat, as well as electricity and heat co-production. Furthermore, expenditures for in-vestments concerning energy saving, provided that the investment shall not pertain to manufacturing equipment but rather to driving/operating equipment and installations of the plant, and that a decrease of at least 10% in energy consumption shall result from such investment.
xiv. Expenditures for the establishment, expansion and modernisation of laboratories of applied industrial, energy or mining research.
xv. Expenditures for the implementation of an inte-grated 2-5 year business plan for industrial undertak-ings of old organisations, of a minimum total cost of one (1) billion drachmas, including the technological, administrative, organisational and business moderni-sation and development, as well as the necessary staff training activities, concerning the improvement of their competitive position on the international market. Additional categories of aided expenditures, such as operating expenditure, staff training expenditure, etc., are stipulated by virtue of joint decision of the Minis-ters of National Economy and Development.
xvi. Expenditures for the implementation of an inte-grated 2-3 year rescue and restructuring business plan for industrial undertakings of old organisations that are in a particularly ailing situation, including the technological, administrative, organisational and busi-ness modernisation, their reform and development, as well as the necessary staff training activities. The aforementioned categories of aided expenditures for the rescue and restructuring business plans are stipu-lated in detail in the joint decision of the Ministers of National Economy, Development, Labour and Social Insurance.
xvii. Expenditures for studies, purchase of new modern equipment, establishment and operation of the necessary infrastructure and processes, as well as expenditures for product certification and quality as-surance procedures according to the relevant Euro-pean standards, by organisations accredited by the competent national body.
xviii. Expenditures for the conversion of manufactur-ing plants, so as to become more flexible.
xix. Expenditures for the introduction and adaptation of environmentally friendly technology to the manufac-turing process.
xx. Expenditures for investments concerning the production of innovative products, and for the intro-duction of innovations into the manufacturing process, for the construction of an invention prototype, present-ing operation possibilities, that has been registered and has received a favourable research report from the Industrial Property Organisation (O.B.I.), the dues paid for the international patent registration of the in-vention by natural persons or legal entities, the dues for the annual renewal of the international patent reg-istration of the invention for a five year term, provided that the implementation of the investment for its indus-trial operation has started, and is of an amount at least ten times higher than that of the dues.
xxi. Expenditure for the establishment or expansion of industrial or craft industry plant for the ecological dismantling of packaging products and other products that have been consumed in Greece, so as to produce raw and other materials.
xxii. Expenditures for investments pertaining to the reduction of the production and distribution cost, as shall be stipulated by virtue of joint decision of the Ministers of National Economy and Development, of manufacturing undertakings created from the merger of at least three (3) Small and Medium Sized Manu-facturing Enterprises (SME), each employing on aver-age up to 120 people, in the past three years.
b. Undertakings producing power, in the form of warm water, steam, or producing solid fuels from bio-mass, undertakings for the co-production of electricity and heat, or undertakings producing electricity from mild forms of energy, and especially wind and solar, hydroelectric, geothermal energy and biomass. Un-dertakings producing biomass from plants, concerning its use as raw material for the production of energy.


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