Article 15


15 Food - Beverages Industry
16 Production of tobacco goods
17 Production of textile materials
18 Manufacturing of clothing goods - treating and dying of furs.
19 Leather treating and tanning - manufacturing of travel goods (luggage), hand-bags, saddle, pack-saddle goods, and shoes.
20 Timber industry and manufacturing of goods form wood and cork, except furniture - manufacturing of baskets and goods from crop weaving
21 Production of paper-pulp, paper and paper products
22 Publications, printings and reproduction of pre-recorded sound and picture recording means, and information technology means
23 Production of coke, and products from the refinement of oil and nuclear fuels
24 Production of chemical substances and goods
25 Manufacturing of products from rubber (caoutchouc) and plastic materials
26 Manufacturing of other goods from non-metal minerals
27 Production of basic metals
28 Manufacturing of metal goods, except machinery and equipment goods
29 Manufacturing of machinery and other equipment
30 Manufacturing of office machines and computers
31 Manufacturing of electrical machines and appliances
32 Manufacturing of radio, television and communications appliances
33 Manufacturing of medical instruments, precision instruments and optical instruments - manufacturing of all kinds of clocks
34 Manufacturing of automobiles - manufacturing of trailers and semi-trailers.
35 Manufacturing of other transportation equipment
36 Manufacturing of furniture - other industries
37 Recycling
40 Production of electric power, natural gas and steam

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